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Welcome to the bitshare wiki here you will find resources on bitshare companies and the bitshare economic model. See this wiki page to onboard your company

Becoming A Bitshare Company

What is bitshare?[edit]

Bitshare is designed as an investment portfolio for consumers. Bitshare introduces a new global currency to represent value in the economy designated UnityX. The value of UnityX is a derivative of the underlying cashflows of all composing companies in the bitshare economy. UnityX can be exchanged for all major currencies on an exchange. The bitshare economy comes with a platform to propose and fund new companies or projects where each project is funded based on perceived worth to the overall utility to consumers in the economy. Each company has a separate account that is publicly monitored. The economic system rather than the company is responsible for the distribution of UnityX to its customers and employees. The financial system that underlies the bitshare economy is Cryptonic, which acts as the payment system for all bitshare companies. Cryptonic is a market maker as well as payment system and is responsible for establishing an exchange rate for UnityX and other major currencies.

Getting started[edit]

To get started, sign up for a bitshare account. See this wiki page to onboard your company

Becoming A Bitshare Company

Other Resources[edit]

Current Bitshare Companies[edit]